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  • Foil can be categorized into :

    - Metallic

    - Pigment

    - Holographic

    - Woodgrain

    - Hair Line

    - Special Effects



    Different series for your selection


     Series Applications  Characteristics
    A23 Cosmetics Cover Box, Toy Color  Box, Cigarette Package Box, Wine Package Box. All types of papers.

    For small to large area and suitable for high speed stamping. For surface of OPP, PVC, PET, Art paper, Coated Paper, Embossed Paper and laminated paper. High-heat resistance, wear-resistance, high-brightness.

    A28/A38 High-end Cosmetics Cover Box, Cigarette Package Box, Wine Package Box  Suitable stamping on the surface of Art Paper, Coated Paper. More smooth and bright if stamping on small area.
    328/638 High-end Cosmetics Cover Box, Package Box, Embossed Paper, Coated Paper, Lamination Paper, Greeting Card  Small to medium area, stable and not easy to come off.
    708 Greeting Card, Red Packet and Other Applications in Graphics Industry Board Coverage and fine definition with consistent release. Good adhesion properties on printed, unprinted and lacquered surfaces.
    718 Cosmetics Cover Box, Cigarette Package Box,  Toy Color Box Suitable for stamping on the surface of coated paper, leatherette and embossed paper.
    723 UV Varished Paper, PET/OPP Laminated Paper, Labels, Cosmetics Cover Box, Wine Package Box Fine to medium defintion with consistent release. Good abrasion and scratch resistance.
    728 Ordinary Paper, Embossed Paper, Coated Paper, PVC Labels, OPP Film Laminated Paper, PP Synthetic Paper

    Small to medium size letters and lines.

    738 Ordinary Paper, Embossed Paper, Coated Paper, Art Paper, Ink Surface on OPP Small to medium size letters and lines
    A33 High Quality Package Box and Book Cover Overprinting. Can make specific embossed pattern. Not easy to come off. 


    Scratch Lottery Ticket, Game Card, Telephone Card, Coupon Medium to large area. Provide plain color / pattern / laser and image holographic design. Special serve as a tamper evident layer for personal authorization data on paper and plastics cards (i.e. passwords, PIN number, lottery ticket numbers....etc) To enhance anti-fraud properties.
    MG39/43/45 T-Shirt, Garment, Swimsuit, Textile For application to T-shirts / fabric precoated with adhesive. Good wash resistance with warm water.
    NV Book Velvet Cover, Edge Gilding, Book Cover, Diary Book, Jewellery Box, Wine Box, Calendar Stable and strong adhesion. Suitable for stamping on the surface of embossed paper, leatherette, stain / velvet / flocked.
    PP/PG High-end Daily Commodities : Cosmetics Container, Home Electric Appliance Shell  Stamping on the surface of plasitc. Silky pattern gold/silver, Charcoal, double-faced gold/silver, transparent/reflected silver and wooden pattern.  
    PUV, G, S Holographic High-end Cosmetics Cover Box, Cigarette Package Box, Wine Package Box

    Rainbow Gold Holographic. Stamping on the surface of ordinary paper, light embossed paper, PP compound paper, ink / art paper, coated paper, OPP, PET. 

    RA-X Plastic Tubes, Lip Stick Shell, Cosmetic Pencil, Mascara Bottle  For PS, ABS, PVC, ACRYL (except PP, PE). 
    RG  Lip Stick Shell, Cosmetic Pencil, Mascara Bottle, Cosmetics Soft Plastic Tube and Other Plastic Parts  Anti-corrosive. Suitable for PS, ABS, PVC, ACRYL, PP, PE cosmetic plastic tube (including UV Tube and Epoxy Tube).
    RS, RU High-end Daily Commodities : Cosmetics Container (Soft Plastic Tube) and Other Plastic Parts  Anti-corrosive. Suitable for PP, PE (including coated UV tube and Epoxy tube). 
    RZ-X, P8, RH Pencil, PE Bottle, Cosmetic Box, Bottle Cover  For PP, PE, ABS, ACRYL plastic bottle. 
    SHL Holographic Greeting Card, Invitation Card, Red Packet, Stationery Package, Ordinary Color Box  Medium to large area, others same as 823 series. 
    TES Signature Stripe Credit Card Signature Stripe Provide matt gold, matt silver. Stripes and holographic image design. To enhance anti-fraud properties.
    WH/WH18/WH23/WH28 Ordinary Paper, Greeting Card, Spring Festival Couples, Red Packet, Invitation Card Economy. Varies choices from small to large stamping area.
    Y & L Ordinary Printed Matter, Ordinary Plastic Materials For ordinary paper, ink / art paper, coated paper, light embossed paper and ordinary plastics.
  • Cold Foiling is the process of applying adhesive to a substrate and then applying easy release foils onto the adhesive without the use of hot dies or heated rollers. So, it allows for greater flexibility and lower operating costs.

    Label for wine and cosmetic, household consumables, graphic arts, cosmetic and cigarette packaging are good for cold foil printing.

    Halftone metalic effects can be easily achieved with cold foil printing and create many different options in the design of labels and packaging.







  • Only a few mills can achieve top quality papers -  Aralar from Spain is one of them. Aralar paper is high value added products, respecting & taking care of the environment. 



     Substance (gsm)

     Description - Use
     ARAVAC-L  70 / 100  One-side coated metallising base for labels
     ARAVAC-WS   60 / 70  One-side coated metallising base for beer labels, WS
     ARAVAC-G  40 / 60  One-side coated metallising - Giftwrap


     60 / 70  One-side coated metallising base tobacco



    Beside of metallising base papers, we are also provide different kinds of flexible packaging papers designed for wrapping of food and industrial products.




  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an advance application technology for storing and remotely retrieving data using devices called RFID tags. RFID tag is a small object that can be adhered to or incorporated into a product, document, package, carton case, pallet, animal or even on human. RFID tag contains antenna, enables to receive and responds to radio-frequency queries from RFID transceiver and transforms the encoded signal into data in result the transmission of the information to the PCs or backend system.

    RFID Applications


    • Smart Packaging                                                  
    • Anti-Counterfeiting
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Warehouse Management
    • Brand Management
    • Document Management
    • Security Management
    • Anti-Shoplifting Management
    • Access Control Management
    • Vechicle Control Management


    Details please visit website www.rfidsystemsupplies.com

  • Applications for Anti-Counterfeiting Solution

    • Covert / Machine Readable
    • Destructive
    • Hidden Image
    • Overt



  • The thermal transfer ribbon is made up of PET film with ink coated on one side and a protective layer called backcoating on the other side.              








  • Multi-Lens Film and Glitter Film are printable with solvert base ink, UV-curable and thermal transfer. Multi-Lens fim creates the effect of three-dimensional concave or convex spheres. The lens can either magnify or reduce the image you see.

    Thickness :

    Multi-Lens Film - 30 micron for BOPP (transparent only) and PET, 80 micron and 100 micron for PP.

    Glitter Film - 100 micron for PP

    Application :

    Widely used on printing, lamination, decoration, craft gift wrap, cosmetic box, shopping bag, gift box, statonary, sticker, ribbon, leather and DIY products.

    Standard colors :

    Transparent, Silver, Green, Orange, Rose Red, Blue, Purple, Purple Red, Black, Yellow, Brown, Gold, Red, Burgundy, Sky Blue.



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